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You know, this recipe, found on pages 366 and 367 of Dorie Greenspan’s Baking: From My Home to Yours, calls for fruits like apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums…that sort of thing.  And I would have loved to use any one of them.  But.  I’m drowning in blueberries.  I really am.  We’ve been picking blueberries over at my nephew’s place, pounds of berries at a time, really.  And there are tons more that are still white-green.  So I’ll be picking berries for a while longer. 

And so that’s why my galette is full of blueberries. 


There are a few raspberries in there, too. 


I had a half pint left from my last trip to the farmers’ market, and I thought this would be a nice use for them.  But mostly, it’s all about the blueberries lately.  Which you may have noticed if you visit this site on any kind of regular basis.

Anyway – this week’s Tuesdays With Dorie recipe was the Summer Fruit Galette, chosen by Michelle of Michelle in Colorado Springs, and it’s scrumptios.  Especially for breakfast.  Which is how we ate ours.

The crust is Dorie’s fabulous “Good for Almost Everything Pie Dough” – it’s the blend of butter and shortening that gives this crust the tenderness AND flakiness we all (in TWD, at least) know and love by this point.  The filling is simply a smear of jam, a sprinkle of graham cracker grumbs, and fruit.  And the little extra something is the drizzle of custard on fruit called for about fifteen minutes before the galette is finished.

My son was drooling so much before I served this (and yes, we really did have this for breakfast this morning) that we had to lay bath towels on the floor.  He loves blueberries.  He loves pie.  When he saw this before it went into the oven, he wanted to eat it then and there.  I made him wait.

But I’m getting ahead of things.  The dough, as usual, was very cooperative when I rolled it out and marked a 9″ diameter circle in the center and trimmed the rough edges.


And then smeared some blueberry jam (farmers’s market) and sprinkled some graham crackers crumbs…


And then piled on the raspberries and as many blueberries as I could.


And then folded up the edges…


And finally brushed the dough with water and sprinkled on some sparkling sugar before I put the whole thing into the oven.


While the galette baked, I made the custard.  Very simple – just sugar, eggs, vanilla, and melted butter.


All whisked together…


…and drizzled in and around the fruit inside the galette about half an hour into the baking.


Fifteen more minutes…

During this time you can amuse yourself taking pictures of the melted bits of sugar on the parchment paper…


and taking macro shots of the berries.


Finally the galette emerges…golden brown on the edges, bubbly and sweet in the middle.  And scalding hot, so you’ll need to let it cool a bit before serving.


Try to be patient.

Like I said, we had this for breakfast. 


Dorie’s recipe serves 6, and my son at not only his, (and no, it wasn’t his birthday or anything.  I have no explanation for the paper crown) but his sister’s leftovers as well. 


She wasn’t all that hungry, apparently.


You’ve probably already done this, but if you haven’t, go check out the variations concocted by all the other eight and a half million (or so) TWD members posted (on time, on Tuesday.  Like we’re supposed to do.).  And then go buy the book and make your own galette.  For breakfast!  Why not?  It’s fruit!

6 thoughts on “TWD (Tuesdays With Dorie)…WWJ (Wednesdays With Jayne)…Summer Fruit Galette

  1. I made mine Monday morning before work and ate it for breakfast, too. I love the close-up pictures. I also like the bowl you used for the custard mixture–handy place for the whisk to rest.

  2. I’d say blueberries are summery enough for any galette. It looks very good and I’m glad there’s no explanation for the paper crown. Paper crowns need no explanations.

  3. Beautiful blueberry galette (keep picking… you’ve got ice cream to make in another week. 🙂 ). Looks like your son loved it too.

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