9 thoughts on “What Is It?

  1. A melon? I noticed one in the fridge this-morning, but it looked rather old and sad, certainly not photogenic.

  2. The second picture anyways… looks like icing or some other creamy substance left in a “sticking” pattern, on a knife, a plate or perhaps another metal device.

  3. Did you perhaps press something from the garden (an herb of some sort) into a piece of tin foil?

  4. I just noticed what appears to be condensation on the second photo. An alternate guess (if I’m allowed more than one that is), would be that it is foil that was wrapped around something or pressed over something to form that pattern. Since it appears to have moisture on it, I am guessing that it was in the fridge. *sigh* Either that or a really close up shot of one of those grey (gray?) elephant ears from the garden. And that’s my final answer. 😛

  5. My first thought is that it’s a macro-shot of someone’s skin, but the ‘dots’ of the previous commenter’s ‘condensation’ sort of flummox me.

    Second thought was that it’s crackled clay. Very tough set of pics!

  6. Vibi – you got it! Nice job. It was actually my knife after I sliced through a block of shortening that had been in the freezer to chill. (I was making a pie crust.) I noticed the pattern and thought it looked cool, so I shot a few pictures from different angles.

    Excellent job!

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