7 thoughts on “And Speaking of Handsome Scoundrels…

  1. He has beautiful wide set eyes. Looks so much more confident than his sister.

    How is his scratchiness these days? Has he settled more now?

  2. Hi Lynne, Scratchy is much less scratchy than he was at first, but he still doesn’t like being picked up – he wants affection on HIS terms, so if you leave him alone, he will come over and transform into a complete mushpot. He’s still a maniac, though, like most kittens. But much more content.

  3. Tracie – if you look at the last photo – in Scratchy’s right eye, you can see a reflection of me taking his picture. It’s kind of a squiggley U-shape…the top left part is my shoulder, and then my arm coming down and bending back up at the elbow to hold the camera. Part of my head is the bent top right part of the U. If only I could use it for my driver’s licence….

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