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Cakes – Alex’s 2nd Birthday – 2004


I'd been posting all these old photos of cakes I've baked and decorated in years past, but then I got sidetracked by other things and didn't scan in any more to write about (or laugh about).  The other day I was feeling lousy and not inclined to write anything, but I felt like I should do SOMETHING useful for my little website, so I hung out on my chair in the music/computer room and scanned a bunch more photos in and uploaded them to my flickr site.  You can see all the photos over there on the right – just scroll down…a bit more…a bit more…til you see the "Gallery of Cakes" category.  Below that is the list of posts I've done so far about this other time in my life…and underneath THAT is a flickr badge with all sorts of cute or funny or bizarre photos of cakes zooming in and out at you.  Enter if you dare.  Comment if you wish.  But please – be kind.

Okay.  The cake above.  My poor little boy's second birthday.  Poor?  Was he ill?  No – but his mother, stubborn fool that she is – felt that as the designated cake-maker for the family – was determined to make his cake herself and decorate it herself – even though Alex's baby sister, Julia, was born just 3 weeks TO THE DAY before Alex's birthday.  Well, I made the cake – it was chocolate.  And my decorations consisted of some piped-on leaves and grassy areas, and – in a stunning display of artistic ability – several pairs of Fisher-Price animals from the "Noah's Ark" we gave him as a present that same day.  AFTER the cake.  We didn't give it to him and then snatch away some animals to decorate with later.  No, I opened the package, pulled them out first and THEN we gave him the Ark. 

Actually, neither way sounds all that classy.  But hey – if you've had a kid, you know how little sleep you get those first bunch of weeks.  And if you've got two, well, then you don't nap too much, either, do you.

But I was the only one (as usual) dissatisfied with the cake.  Alex was thrilled – he loved the little animals – and the fact that they were all HIS.  We still have them around here, too, somewhere.  Sans frosting, of course.

5 thoughts on “Cakes – Alex’s 2nd Birthday – 2004

  1. I recognize those animals! =) Brianna got the ark for her first Christmas (at 11 months) and two more sets of animals for her birthday (a month later). Gillian just recently discovered the animals and spent quite a while rooting through one of the toy bins trying to see how many pairs she could find. And decorating a cake with a three-week-old sounds like something I would do…

  2. I have just got back from a trip to Lowes, and they had a Noah’s Ark cake, decorated with Fisher Price ark and animals and it cost $42.99.
    I took a photo, and shall e-mail it to you right now!

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