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Dino Dining

I took this picture a couple of weeks ago but forgot to post it at the time.

My kids had watched the movie Ratatouille (we own it.  of course.) recently, and were inspired to create their own restaurant.

For dinosaurs.

I could hear them down in the basement, but I didn’t know what they were up to.  All that mattered was that neither one was screaming or hollering or threatening “this is what YOU get!” or crying.  But I could hear little bits of phrases about “he should have fish”  or “is this good for him?” “yeah, he likes leaves.” 

Eventually the mystery was solved, and this is what I saw:


Each dinosaur has either a meat or a vegetable, depending on whether they were a carnivore or an herbivore.  I like how the food here is so good that the meat eaters aren’t interested in eating the herbivores at all. 

Everyone dines in unprecedented prehistoric harmony.

(Now I’ve got the lyrics to “Ebony and Ivory” playing as background music in my mind….)

5 thoughts on “Dino Dining

  1. i just showed this to my 5-year-old son and now he’s bugging me to try this. 🙂 too bad he & his 6-year-old sister fight all the time or maybe they could do it together like your kids did (i can’t wait for school to start to release some of the tension flying around here!)

  2. kristi – trust me, my kids don’t ALWAYS get along nicely like they did in this instance. There are plenty of fights here, and I’m glad the school year is on the horizon, too!

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