4 thoughts on “Early Morning Feline Notes

  1. I’m really enjoying the kitten posts, though I haven’t had much time this week to comment. I just have to make sure Brianna isn’t around when I read them–she’s been asking for a pet for a while, and it’s just not a good fit for us right now.

  2. Thanks for the kitten updates, they are so much fun to read!

    Poor Blur. Just keep giving her as much love and reassurance as you can. Things should settle down with time.

    Our 2 cats are still adjusting to the death of “unquestionably #1 cat” Amanda. Before they were arguing over who got to be #2, now they argue over who gets to be #1. Sigh. Unfortunately the cat who should win by virtue of being older and larger is a big wimpy girl, and the younger one is a small fiesty girl, so we seem to be at a standoff. Possibly forever…

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