My Life – the Musical

O-ho the Wellth Fargo Wagon ith a-comin' now,


I don't know how I can ever wait to thee.

It could be thumpin' for thumone who ith – No relation


but it could be…


thump'n thpethyul …


Jutht for me!


(My older, smaller one broke, and my blender just wasn't getting the job done…and so…I upgraded.)

7 thoughts on “My Life – the Musical

  1. Yep, it’s pink! $25.oo from the sale goes to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer foundation, so I thought that was a good reason to get it, plus…it’s pink, and ever since Julia was born, I’ve found that I gravitate toward pink things. It brightens things up a bit – most of my other appliances are black, white, or stainless.

  2. Lynne – sorry – it’s from the musical “The Music Man” – there’s a little boy named Winthrop(Ron Howard was the boy in the original film, with Robert Preston and Shirley Jones starring as Prof. Harold Hill and Marian the Librarian)in the story – and he’s got a lisp.

  3. Congratulations! I got the same model several months ago and have been quite happy with it. Although I don’t think the smaller insert bowl works all that well. The old Hamilton Beach food processor is going off to the resale store, but we’re keeping the tiny little Cuisinart mini-processor.


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