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Scenes from NH – Part 1

I promise I'll get back to food-related content soon – if not later today then definitely tomorrow, since it'll be Tuesdays with Dorie time once again.

But just in case anyone is seriously hungry (haha) for a food photo, here you go:


This is Alex (really?) eating a piece of watermelon.  The (free) watermelon was sort of an appetizer while we waited for our burgers (kids) and pulled BBQ pork sandwiches (Bill and me)…


which we got at a little roadside place called Bear Bones Barbecue


I even got over my hideous shyness and asked the owner if I could take a picture of the little building.  You can't really see him well, but that's the chief cook and bottle washer, right there in the little window.


As you can see, the whole "bear" theme was going strong.

The burgers were pretty straightforward – burgers on rolls.  Alex had ketchup.  Julia had ketchup because Bill thought she wanted some, but she apparently DIDN'T want any after all, so I scraped it off. 

The pulled pork was pretty tasty, a bit on the tomatoey side, but still – for a tiny little roadside place – not bad.

It wasn't until the next day or maybe even the day after that Bill told me he'd found a gray hair in his pulled pork sandwich.  He didn't say anything at the time – I've forgotten why.  I know.  EEEEEWWW!

But anyway – you want food?  YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE FOOD!


Here are my other food shots:

This is bacon that I'm cooking over our open fire.  I'm quite the outdoorswoman.


And, last but not least, this is Alex, polishing off his share of the bacon and pancakes we had for breakfast that morning.  He loves his pancakes.


Oh, and yes, see that pan to the left?  With those strange white blobs?  Those are the next batch of pancakes.  The pan is kind of warped, so the batter flowed down around the edges of the pan.  I was making small pancakes because, as you can see – small plates.

Anyway, that is the extent of the food pictures.  Oh, well actually there will be some shots of the kids eating strawberry-flavored shaved ice eventually, but I'm sorry, I just don't count that as food.


The day we arrived (after our roadside dining), I only took 2 more pictures.  The rest of the daylight hours were spent helping put up the tent, unload the truck, and take a nap while Bill took the kids off to play in the river.  (I had a headache most of the day – it was horrible and would NOT subside). 

Anyway – for these two shots, I'm standing about midway along a path that went from the back of our camp site to the Saco River.

First, looking down (there was a little hill between the site and the river) at the truck and Bill and Alex:


And in the opposite direction – the Saco River:


No, it's not muddy – it's actually incredibly clean – the tan color is the sand and gravel on the river bed.  Gorgeous, gorgeous clear water flowing by….

(In case you were wondering, yes, Julia was with us on this trip – for some reason she just isn't in any of the pictures I shot that first day.)


And that's where I have to end it for now – this morning I am bringing ALL THREE of the cats (well, two kittens, one cat) to the vet.  The babies are getting their next round of shots, plus an analysis of their most recent um…litterbox samples…to make sure the coccidosis is gone.  And Blur hasn't been to the vet in a while (she's an indoor cat, and she's impressively healthy) so I figured she should go in and have a checkup too, since I was going to be there anyway.

It should be a fun-filled morning of yowling and scratching!

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  1. amazing… we just don’t have any wilderness like this left in the UK.

    And oh.

    Doh… I read “Scones from NH”.

    Shame, no scones recipes… 🙁

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