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Scenes from NH – Part 6 (Last One, Honest! I think.)

After the sudden rainstorm as we left Storyland, the rain continued to fall in torrents for most of the drive back to our campsite.  Fortunately the wood didn't get too wet, thanks to the thick layer of leaves above.

Julia fell asleep on the ride, so we just carried her into the tent and put her on an air mattress.  She wiggled to a pillow and stayed there, never even opening her eyes.  There wasn't a whole lot to do since it was raining, so Alex played with some toys while the rest of us took a nap. 

A bit later, the rain had stopped, the sun was out, and it was a beautiful afternoon.  Perfect for playing in the Saco.

I'll finish up this New Hampshire trip saga with pictures from that afternoon.  And then I'll go back to food posts and kitten posts.













The End.

3 thoughts on “Scenes from NH – Part 6 (Last One, Honest! I think.)

  1. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I honestly don’t know how you keep from eating that little girl! How sweet is she? Love the pics, all of them, but especially of her by the river. You need to frame them!

  2. The camera really loves her doesn’t it! You will have to watch that she doesn’t run away and become a Model…


  3. You have the most amazingly photogenic children I’ve ever seen. It’s like they know where to put themselves and what to do with their bodies to create the perfect composition (of course, the person behind the camera clearly knows what she’s doing, too).

    The overhead shot of Julia with the footprints in the hard mud is my favorite.

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