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Updated Sourdough Update

Just wanted to let you know (especially those of you who were planning to start up a sourdough like the one I started) that I'm not SURE if mine is good or not.  It's been fermenting like it should, however, it doesn't smell the way any sourdough I've ever made in the past has smelled.

Granted, I've never made one with potato before, so that could be what's doing it.

But still.

Just in case all is not right with this one, I wanted to let you know that I'm not really sure about the prognosis.

It doesn't smell tangy…like sour cream or sourdough.


I don't even want to type this so early in the day, so if you're eating breakfast or have a weak stomach, come back later.

It smells like


rotting meat.

There.  I said it.  I need to do some research to see if this is an acceptable smell.  I sort of hope it's not, because frankly I don't want to bake with something that smells like this.

And I'm not squeamish, ordinarily, about smelly food. 

But, since I'm not sure if this is a GOOD thing, I wanted to let you know.

I'll be back when I have more info.

Never mind.  I had Bill smell it.  He knows a lot more than I do about fermentation, being a kick-ass beer brewin' man as he is, and he said it didn't smell bad – it smells sour, and strong.

Forgive me.  I had a moment of panic.

Carry on.

2 thoughts on “Updated Sourdough Update

  1. Congratulations! Have you given your starter a name yet? Or are you going to wait until it settles down a bit more?

    By the way, I love the kitten pictures. If my husband hears me going, “Ohhh, so cute” as I go through blogs, he now says “You’re looking at those kittens again, aren’t you.” But hey, they’re just so cute!

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