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Stuffed Squash Blossoms Again – Just For a Moment


I think I'm getting the hang of these.


I'd read somewhere that you should slice the petals open – a quick snip along one side is all you need to do – to stuff them.� I tried it with these yesterday, and it made things easier�- I could remove the stamen easily and the delicate blossom didn't just split open in random spots.

I made the filling of ricotta, oregano, sage, salt and pepper.� I left the oregano leaves whole, since they're pretty small, and julienned the sage leaves.


It's a lot easier to stuff the blossoms when they're already laying flat on the counter, and all I have to do is give each one a nice-sized blob of filling and then wrap the petals around.� Then I just closed the petal tips with a toothpick (although that toothpick may not have even been necessary – I'll try them without it next time) and froze them for a while until it was time to fry.


This time around, I dredged them first in plain flour, then dipped them in an egg thinned with some water, and then into a blend of half flour/half cornmeal, plus salt and pepper.�

They fried up nicely.� Unfortunately, there is no evidence of this as they were eaten very shortly after I removed the toothpicks.

Bill said they were the best ones so far (this is my third batch – didn't write up the second batch for some reason), and I agree with him.� I like the texture of the cornmeal – it accentuates the crunch and balances out the softness of the filling.

I still plan to bake a batch some time, but I'll wait til I have a larger batch to do that.

Carry on.

2 thoughts on “Stuffed Squash Blossoms Again – Just For a Moment

  1. oh how i love me some pretty food. and what is prettier than edible flowers for pete’s sake?
    love your blog name too.
    thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment.
    looking forward to reading more about your adventures ina nd out of the kitchen.

  2. In Italy squash flowers r popular in summertime. I like to fill them with a small cube of fresh mozzarella cheese and an anchovie, then I dip them in a light batter made with flour and beer and I fry them in olive oil, add some salt and u can taste heaven in a bite. Luv ur site!!! Greetins from Italy

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