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The Blues

Sometimes, you just have to listen to that little voice.

It's easy to ignore.  Easy to find a reason to say no, not today, I don't need this today.

But sometimes, sometimes you have to listen.

And that's what my husband did yesterday.

He listened.

He listened when the little voice whispered "Go buy a new surf bag…go buy a new surf bag…." 

He listened, and drove down to Quaker Lane Bait & Tackle and got this one, by AquaSkinz.  Then he came home and showed me all the cool little compartments for lures and leaders and whatever else he might want to put in there.  And then he went downstairs to look through his tackle box.

A little later the voice whispered to him again.

It said "…If you cast it, they will bite…"

Okay, no, it probably didn't say that exactly

But it did suggest – ever so strongly – that he might want to take that new surf bag and a pole and take a few casts somewhere.  (I am sworn to keep the exact location secret, but I can say that it's somewhere in Greenwich Bay.)

And, not all that surprisingly, he listened.

And you know what?

The voice spoke the truth.

Here's what Bill came home with:

Kids and bluefish

Three bluefish, ranging in weight from four to seven pounds.

Now, I was downstairs with my ankle propped up and didn't really feel like hopping up the stairs.  Very uncharacteristic of me, but I really just wanted to stay off that foot.

And so my son brought out HIS camera so that Bill could have some photos of his catch.  Bill took the above picture, but before that he took this one of Alex:

Alex and seven pounder

This is the seven pound fish, and Alex had been standing there, holding the fish, while Bill tried to figure out how the camera worked. 

And here's Julia holding that same fish:

Julia and seven pounder

Alex took this one.  Look how big that fish looks compared to my baby girl!  You can see that she's braced her elbows against her stomach in order to hold the fish up long enough for Alex to get a good shot.  The look on her face is saying "Can I put this down now???"

So, as you can see, it is a good thing to listen to that little voice. 

And what, you may be wondering, did we do with those fish?

I'll tell you tomorrow.

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