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Cakes – Godzilla Destroying a Village – 1997

Godzilla I had fun making this one.

This was a birthday cake for the son of a friend of mine.

The cake was chocolate, 2 layers baked in 13 x 9 inch pans and then "1 cut in 2 unequal pieces to make 'beach' sections."

Godzilla was made out of gum paste (I was going through a gum paste phase back then) and painted with food coloring and water.  I used one of my friend's son's toys as the model.

The houses were all made of very small flat panels of royal icing – in different colors – piped onto parchment paper, allowed to dry, built, and then crushed.

So much fun! 

The rest of the cake was decorated with royal icing. 

If I remember correctly, it was a hit.

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