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Cakes – Guardian Angel Heart – 1997


Funny where you get work from sometimes.

Back around this time in my life, I had gotten myself into some credit card debt, and after struggling to take care of it myself, I gave up and asked for help from Consumer Credit Counseling Services.  One of the things I did when I went in for my meeting was to bring in proof of any and all income, and any and all debt and other monthly expenses.  I was working full time, and I was also doing cakes, so I brought in my photo album with what I'd done up to that point.  The gentleman who handled my case either really liked my cakes or he was a big ol' softy and wanted to help me out. 

Whichever it was, he asked if I could make a birthday cake for his mother.  He told me what he wanted and I figured it out from there.

The cake itself was a simple vanilla cake, 2 layers of 9" hearts, each cake sliced into 2 layers.  The entire cake was layered like this (going top to bottom):


orange frosting


middle layer – concentric hearts – orange frosting inside of chocolate


chocolate frosting


And then the constructed cake was given a crumb coat of white icing and then covered with stabilized whipped cream and decorated with more of the whipped cream tinted in pastel shades of yellow, pink, and purple.  I know it looks blue in the picture, but I think that's the purple.


But wait!  There's more!

I also made two sets of white royal icing wings, which were to be inserted in the sides of the cake at the time of serving. 

It was rather difficult to decorate with the whipped cream – it has a different texture and doesn't behave as other frostings do.  I was also concerned with keeping it as cold as possible.

As far as I know, it tasted good.

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