3 thoughts on “Fungus

  1. Turkey Tails! Those are really good for you. Full of antioxidants and help with the immune system. I was taught that they aren’t ready until they become purple at the edges of the tails.

    They are supposed to be lovely in soups and stews, but they are like leather to eat, so its best to leave them whole so they can be picked out like you do a Bay leaf.

    Those are perfect specimens!

  2. Oh…forgot this part. Rail road ties are treated with creosote so that they will resist bugs and rot. Picking and eating these particular turkey tails would not be a good idea since creosote is poisonous to humans. I am not sure the fungus growing on the ties wouldn’t pass on the chemical compounds in the creosote and make you ill. And it wouldn’t be a good idea to eat any vegetables growing anywhere near the ties, especially down hill of them.

  3. Turkey Tails! What a perfect name. And I wasn’t planning to eat them, though it’s good to know that they are edible. We have ties framing our gardens, but the vegetable gardens are actually lined so that the soil doesn’t come in contact with the toxins in the wood. Thanks for bringing up that issue, though!

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