Peeping Caelifera

Before I post any pictures, I have two important things to say.

First – all the dust and grime you'll see on the window in the following photos is on the OUTSIDE of the window.  Dirt from the gardens gets blown onto the window and then water droplets from the sprinkler mess it up and leave streaks and smears.  It can't possibly be on the inside of the window, because, though I have a 6-year-old and a 4-year-old and you might think their little hands (and noses, mashed frighteningly against the glass) would contribute to the streaks and fingerprints, you'd be wrong. Not only are my children absolute ANGELS who never EVER touch the window, EVER, but also because of course I am never without a bottle of Windex and some paper towels and I just clean, clean, clean the windows ALL THE TIME so they can maintain their glorious streak-free shine.

Second – if grasshoppers creep you out, you might want to skip this post and read something else for now.

Okay, ready?

This guy landed on our front window the other day while Bill and I were sitting and having an actual conversation without any interruptions.  The kids were playing downstairs and hadn't realized that we were speaking like adults with each other.  I scurried to the kitchen to get my camera and Bill hollered for the kids, and then we all hung out at the window (not too close, don't scare him!) while our visitor made his way from one end of the glass to the other.













And off he went.

3 thoughts on “Peeping Caelifera

  1. Fascinating and really beautiful. I love No. 7, where it looks like he’s smiling. But I’m very offended there are no sneeze-marks on your windows.

  2. Fun! We had a grasshopper on the screen the other day and Mia went out and picked him a pile of grass to eat. Thrilled her little soul when he hopped over to it.

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