This is the same box my pink KitchenAid food processor came in weeks ago.


All that packing paper used to be bigger and puffier, but the kittens have basically crushed it with all their playing and stalking and pouncing.


I've kept the box in the kitchen, even though it's big and in the way, just because the kittens love to jump in and out and hold their frequent Ultimate Kitty Fighter matches in it.


The crinkly paper sound makes it extra exciting.

5 thoughts on “Squabble

  1. Hiya! Just clicked in from a link over on Helen’s sidebar that took me to your foot/yellow jacket post. And then came to the main page where I find kitties! and food! And okay, so let’s just say that you can count me as an adoring fan now. A hungry, hungry fan…. 🙂

  2. What is it about cats and boxes?! I have actually moved with a specific shoebox that my cat LOVES to sleep in. I would have thrown it away a long time ago if she didn’t look so darn cute squeezed inside of it!

  3. We’ve got boxes full of cats and crunchy paper in our kitchen too! One of them had guitar hero in it if that gives you any idea how long they have been enjoyed…

  4. We have a green shopping bag that migrates around on our main floor for kitty ammusement…I just love kittens…I only wished they stayed small and roudy forever…

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