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Cakes – Happy Birthday, Twin! – 1997

I'm saving the pictures for last in this post…

The girl I worked with who had the oil-flooded house was an identical twin, and she'd asked me to make a cake for her sister.

She gave me a page from a wall calendar that she was hoping I could copy in some fashion, and I have to say this is one of my favorites from that whole time period.

The cake itself was white, with white frosting.

I used one 12" round cake as the background, and trimmed the other cake to the shape of the figures on the calendar page.

Here's the calendar page:


And here's the cake:


I'll even put them side by side so it's easier to compare them…

Twins1  Twins2

I covered each layer with fondant.

The bottom layer's fondant had been colored blue, and I piped stars and "Happy Birthday, Twin!" across the top.

The upper layer is also covered in fondant that I'd tinted lightly with peach and ivory food coloring.  I painted all the lines and shadows and facial details with food coloring paste thinned with a bit of water. 

All the flowers and the wings were made ahead of time out of royal icing, and when they were dry I glued them in place with more royal icing.  I think I did the hair with fresh (not dried) royal icing.  Just a guess.

Anyway, this one seemed to go over pretty well.

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  1. WOW! I honestly think your cake is better than the original poster picture. You should open a shop like on Ace of Cakes. You could make some real money!!

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