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Cakes – Haunted Castle – 1997


I know.  Kind of dilapidated looking, isn't it.  But then, who knows how long that castle has stood, empty, except for the ghosts of knights and maidens long departed from this life….

This was for a coworker (she was one of the two recipients of that original double spider cake I keep bringing up.) – this year I made them each their own cake, and hers was the one with a Halloween theme.  The other one wasn't, and I'll get to that eventually on this blog.  But not today.

The cake – who knows what flavor, but it was probably chocolate – made up all of the castle – the main "body" of it and the square, falling-every-which-way towers.  The outer part was all fondant and royal icing.  I think that's a layer of green fondant for the grass…although now that I'm thinking about it, why would the grass be that green at the end of October somewhere in the world where there would be old stone castles like this?  Wouldn't it be kind of dead by now?  Just a thought.

There are little ghosties peeking out of various windows and doorways all around the cake, by the way, so the little castle must have been pretty darn haunted. 

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