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Cakes – Spider Cake #3 – Calvin’s Birthday – 2001 (I think)


Love them spiders.  They're so cute.

This was a miniature cake for Calvin.  I also made a separate cake for Meredith – the family was celebrating their birthdays on the same day, but I wanted to make them each their own cake.

Anyway, I made Calvin's chocolate cake with my 4" springform pans.  I think it's frosted in white or lemon frosting and then had chocolate chips pressed all over it.  On top of that, with royal icing, I made the spider web, and then perched my cute little spider guy on top. 

This spider was so small I just made him entirely out of fondant, rather than the cupcake-wrapped-in-fondant-with-pipe-cleaner-legs technique I'd used in the previous two spider cakes.  And this way he was completely edible!  Which, after all, is a rather desirable trait in a birthday cake spider.

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