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Cakes – Wrapping Paper – 1997


Another coworker cake.  This is an example of the sort of cake I'd make when I didn't know the person very well.  In this instance, it was a temp…or maybe she was a real hire…either way, she wasn't there for very long.  Just long enough for me to make a cake. 

The cake itself was chocolate – one ten inch round and one twelve inch round.

The frosting was a mix of chocolate icing and raspberry preserves (strained, to get rid of the seeds).

According to my notes, the smaller layer is actually supported by drinking straws, and does not just sit on the larger layer.

The covering is fondant that I'd colored yellow, and the pattern was copied (loosely) from a roll of wrapping paper.  It's a bit hard to decipher, but the pink sections say "Happy Birthday Jody."

3 thoughts on “Cakes – Wrapping Paper – 1997

  1. Oh my gosh – is that an old electric typewriter in the background? That’s the type of machine I learned to type on – now you know how old I am…:). The cake is really pretty and looks like it took a lot of work


  2. trish – yes, I believe that was an old electric. I think there were certain forms that still had to be typed up on that machine instead of on the computers. And hey – I learned to type on an old electric, too. In high school, sophomore year. Most useful class I ever had, too!

  3. At first glance, I thought that the pink sections were just dots. WOW. Words in there? That is amazing.

    I learned to type on my mom’s old – and I DO mean OLD – manual arm typewriter. With a sliding carriage, and a bell and everything. She could type so fast, the letters would sometimes get stuck. I also had big electrics in Jr. High. In High School, they actually had Computers! They had just started calling it “keyboarding” instead of “typing” by 1990. 🙂

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