5 thoughts on “Cute Kitten Photo of the Day

  1. Is Softie a Hemingway Cat? It looks like she has extra toes on her front paws in this picture.

    When I was little I had a great children’s book (illustrated by the fabulous Beryl Reid) about a cat with extra toes which meant it could grant wishes, but you had to pamper it for seven years to get the wish – And being a cat it didn’t do things exactly as expected.

  2. Jen – yes, she is! Although I’d never heard of that name until recently. I just always called that sort of cat “double-pawed”, though they aren’t entirely double. My older cat, Blur, is the same, and one or two cats we’ve had in the past (my sister and I) also had extra toes. That children’s book you mentioned sounds wonderful. Seven years, huh? My older cat is 17. She owes me a few wishes, I think.

  3. I’m popping in to say I’m always fascinated by your cat’s paws too. She looks far more grown up than her brother, but then girls do mature faster, right? I have to remember to call her Scratchy as I keep calling her Itchy which is just bad. Seems Scratchy is more appropriate than you first thought considering the extra toes.

  4. Hi Lyvvie – glad you popped in! Actually it’s Softie with the double paws – Scratchy is her immature brother. 🙂 But I agree – she does have the more “scratchy” paws. She’s just less inclined to use them on us.

  5. After some googling around I have discovered that the book was called “Seven Years and a Day”. It was written by Collette O’Hare, and illustrated by Beryl Cook (Beryl Reid was, of course, the British character actress. I always get them mixed up!)

    I wish I knew where my old copy was, because it’s unfortunately out of print, and if I got a second-hand copy from Amazon it would be $30 or over.

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