For Jen – the Alien Spouse – Please Call Off Your Lawyers

On the advice of my attorneys, and in the interest of full disclosure and keeping the peace and not getting my butlers sued off me (though a bit of reduction wouldn't be a bad thing), here, for all to see, but especially Jen because of the cloud of suspicion she has raised over the ethics and fair play involved in the most recent Cookbook Giveaway (see her comment), I hereby display photographic evidence that there was, indeed, a number 3 included in the drawing.


I actually saved the slips of paper JUST IN CASE SUCH A DISPUTE MIGHT ARISE!!!


I hope this prevents any further insinuation relative to the integrity of my giveaway program.

3 thoughts on “For Jen – the Alien Spouse – Please Call Off Your Lawyers

  1. jen – i have been a good friend of jayne’s for a number of years, and have received (too numerous to count) responses of “so there!”: just thank your lucky stars you didn’t get a “AH HA!”. those are the WORST by far….

  2. Ralph, just a reminder, your annual rent-a-friend subscription runs out at the end of this year. If you want to keep saying you’re my friend, you’ll need to pay up again. Also, rates have increased by 8%. Please adjust your payment accordingly.

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