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I've noticed a lot of searches for things like "spider cakes" and "witch cakes" and "coffin cake" and so forth that lead people to my site.  So, for them and for everyone else's amusement – especially, let's face it, my own – I figured I'd post the rest of the Halloween cakes in my cake book throughout this week.  Actually, two of them won't be Halloween themed, really, but since they were for my sister's October 31st birthday, they are included.

So earlier today I posted the cake that I would ordinarily have posted tomorrow, and then starting tomorrow I'll have a different Halloween-themed cake each day through Friday. 

That's all.  Just wanted to explain the change in procedures.

For those of you interested in viewing the Halloween-themed cakes I've posted in the past, here's a list of links:

Jack O Lantern Cake

Coffin Cake

Spider Cake #1

Hm.  I thought there were more.  Oh well.  There will be, soon.

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