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In Which I Remind You I Am A Moron

For example, when I posted this yesterday.  And told you I wouldn't be posting for Tuesdays with Dorie.  Tuesdays.  And yesterday?  Was a Wednesday.  Yeah.  I's real smart.

And then, to that post, I received the following comment from Chocolatechic:

"Drat.  I was looking forward to your creativity with the cupcakes."

And I thought "that's nice – I am missed…" but I also thought…"yeah, but it's only cupcakes…"

Because – Moron Evidence Exhibit #278,586 – I forgot all about the "decorate them for Halloween" part.


I didn't realize I'd forgotten that until I started checking out one or two other TWD members…and I thought…hey, that's funny, they both decorated them for Halloween!  Yes, Jayne.  Clever observation on your part!  Wonder if anyone else noticed???!!!!


I stopped looking at TWD posts and decided that, despite my tardiness and my moronness, I would make these cupcakes, dammit, and decorate them APPROPRIATELY!!!

So today, while I am also baking bagels and bread, I'm going to make those cupcakes and decorate them somehow. 

Because, while I am a moron, I am also mad at myself for forgetting about the Halloween decorating part, and I can't NOT do it.  So look for something from me later today or – maybe more appropriately – tomorrow.

Tomorrow IS Halloween, right?  Okay.  That's what I thought.

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