Purple Flowers at CVS

I was out of salted butter, so I went to the CVS near our house just now to get some.  I'm sorry, but I just have to have salted (not unsalted, which I use in my baking) on my toast.  Have to.  Non-negotiable.

Anyway, while I was there I remembered that I am out of bubble bath stuff.  Shower gel/Foaming Bath Gel – whatever it's called.  I need some.  It's cold out now, and therefore the start of my soaking-in-a-hot-bath-while-Bill-puts-the-kids-to-bed season.

Down the end of the aisle there was a display of the brand of good-smelling stuff I like.  Of course, I can't remember the brand.  But whatever – the sale was 2 for $10.00.  I would buy one.  I'm on a budget.  I selected "Ocean Breeze" in the blue bottle, and looked at the others to make sure I wasn't missing one I liked better.  Oh, wait, is that lavender scented?

I picked up the bottle – it just said "Purple Flowers" or something like that, so I opened the top and squeezed ever so slightly so that some of the fragrance might waft out.

It had one of those heart valve-type openings and as I squeezed, suddenly the valves popped open and a little blob of violet goo flew out and hit me right in the face. 

I don't think anyone saw it happen, though depending on where the surveilance cameras are, someone watching may have had a really good laugh this morning.

I put the bottles back, wiped off my lenses and peeked in a mirror above a display of hair clips to make sure there were no unsightly shower gel splatters on my face or in my hair. 

Then I casually strolled to the dairy case to get my butter.

I'm going to smell like Purple Flowers for the rest of the day.

4 thoughts on “Purple Flowers at CVS

  1. Haha! You’re not alone here.

    “I don’t think anyone saw it happen.” If you’re like me (or anyone else), you looked around to see if anyone saw you.

  2. Oh that has definitely happened to me. I was in Walmart a couple months ago to get body wash (excuse me – “MAN SOAP”) for my sweetie and I must smell it first. So I was going along just fine until, yep, one splattered on my face and my shirt. Lovely. So I had to scrape as much as I could on a spare tissue in my purse and just hope the spot wasn’t noticible. And I got to smell like some God awful musk-like fragrance for the rest of the day.

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