Pink and Glittery


She thinks she's a teenager.  She loves talking on her purple plastic cell phone and wearing glittery nail polish and applying her shiny pink lipstick. 

Her conversations on the purple phone go something like this:

"Hello?  Oh, hi….yeah….I know….yeah…no….no….no we don't have any chocolate pudding.  Okay, bye."

Fortunately for me, she's not a teenager yet.  She's only four.


4 thoughts on “Pink and Glittery

  1. Lynne – I’m not expecting different when she’s 14 – I’m expecting this MULTIPLIED. My sister’s kids are in their teens – I have kind of a 10-year preview of what I might expect in the years to come. Julia just seems to be jumping the gun at times. 🙂

  2. I thought you were expecting it really but I couldn’t remember the smiley for tongue-in-cheek, but I remember it now 😛 (or that may be tongue stickey out, what the heck, you get the drift..)

    I find little girls making pretend very grown up adorable, I guess I am just jealous of not being that age any more (except mentally you understand…)

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