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Southern Tier Brewing Company’s Pumking Ale


I rarely write about beer on this site.  My husband brews beer and has for longer than I've known him, so occasionally I'll mention something about that, but otherwise?  Nah.  I just don't have a whole lot to say about it. 


Recently Bill brought home a 22 oz bottle of Southern Tier Brewing Company's Imperial Pumking Ale and shared it with me.

Oh.  My.

This is the time of year when plenty of breweries come out with a pumpkin spice beer or something along those lines.  Every single one I've ever tried has tasted – pleasantly, usually – of the various spices that go into a pumpkin pie.  Dried ginger, cloves, maybe some cinnamon, allspice.  Tasty, yes, but, well, they're just spices

Pumking Ale, however, is so much more.



And you can taste them.  All of them.

One sip of this amazing brew and you could almost believe you're drinking a pumpkin pie. 

A real pumpkin pie.  With actual pumpkin in it. 

You can taste the roasted pumpkin in this ale, and the texture, the mouthfeel, is creamy and custardy and pumpkiny – I found myself resisting the urge to chew. 


And that's why I felt the need to write about it.


I also figured I'd check out their website first, and their list of beers is pretty interesting.   There are their year-round offerings, seasonal beers, local, Imperial, and so on. 


Now, if you live in the Lakewood, NY area, and are so inclined, maybe you should check out their brewery (tours are on Saturday afternoons) or their pub, the The Empty Pint

And then you should let me know about it. 

Unfortunately, Lakewood is too far for us to just zip up there on a Saturday afternoon. 

But I'm really curious.  Intrigued, even.

And in the meantime, if you can locate some of this amazing beer, and if you are of legal age and don't have any addiction issues to contend with, then you MUST pour yourself a glass (or a goblet, if you have one).  And see if you can resist the urge to chew.


9 thoughts on “Southern Tier Brewing Company’s Pumking Ale

  1. Thank you for sharing. We live in central Pennsylvania. We are always looking for breweries that are a few hours away. It is a perfect time of the year for a day’s drive to enjoy the beautiful fall leaves and head to a good brewery!! The beer sounds heavenly!!

  2. I have a pumpkin beer at home by Great Lakes Brewery that I’ll be ‘sampling’ tonight! I wasn’t expecting too much from it, but after reading your post the bar has been set higher. That poor beer has some tall boots to fill!

  3. I’ve tried many pumpkin brews but they were all sub-par if you ask me. I wish I could try this one. I wonder if they ship? I will have to check them out online and see; I live in CA and I’ve never seen this type of beer in any stores around here!

  4. Choosy Beggar Tina – I think Southern Tier has set the bar SO high that most other pumpkin beers – or “pumpkin spice” beers – can’t even reach it if they stood on their tippy toes. I’ll be writing again about pumpkin beers. I’ve got more to say on that subject!

  5. Lakewood is FUN FUN FUN! worth the trip….. Southern Tier cannot make a bad beer or ale! They are favorites of ours…one and all!

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