A Few Pictures…

to tide you over while I edit and write up a post about some of the cookies I've been working on.  And another post about the dinner Bill made Friday night.  And then I'll have to get back in the kitchen and continue baking and decorating.  And oh, yeah, I need to make some more potato bread because it seems to be pretty popular 'round here. 


Yes.  That's an orca riding on a palomino.  And the orca is wearing a little blue washcloth that came with one of Julia's babies.  I'm not sure what the back story is on this image, but there they were, on the living room floor.  It is the work of Julia.


Last night.  A view of the sunset from our big front window.  And that's a reflection of the lamp over by the fish tank and lizard tank.  I could have shut those off before taking the picture…but I kind of liked them in there.  


And from earlier this morning.  Julia and Softie are watching the sleet.


I just checked, and it's warmed up just enough so the sleet is now rain.  The sky is gray, it's cold and wet out – the perfect weather for bread baking…cookie making…and perhaps lighting a fire in the fireplace later on.

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