And Another One Gone (a Tooth, I Mean)




Oh, he's a happy boy this morning. 

He's been waiting and waiting for this top tooth to fall out so that he can have his name added to The Chart in his class at school. 

This morning after a breakfast of Raisin Bran Crunch combined with Smart Start, he was on his way up the stairs to brush his teeth and get dressed.

Halfway up he stopped and said "Hey, Mom, guess what.  I lost my tooth!" 

I didn't believe him at first – he likes to play little jokes like this – but he smiled and showed me his new cerealy gap-toothed look and yep, he lost the tooth.  Finally!

I told him to go brush his teeth so I could take a picture – or two or ten.

And so here we are.  Another little milestone – the first of the top front teeth is gone.  The other one is wiggly, too, so eventually he'll have that lovely fang look kids his age get.

Hee hee hee.  I love this stuff.

3 thoughts on “And Another One Gone (a Tooth, I Mean)

  1. I have a funny story to tell about losing teeth.

    When the girl was 6 and the boy was 8, she really began to notice that he was getting $$ for teeth.

    She wanted to cash in on the money train, so she began to chew on beads to loosen her teeth.

    For 2½ years we took pictures of her minus her 2 front teeth because she lost them on purpose.

  2. This morning I heard a tooth saying, “Free at last, free at last, thank goodness I’m free at last.——-bring on the “tooth fairy” !!!! mhyg

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