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Cakes – Daffodils – 1997

Daffodils  Another birthday, another coworker.

I'm kind of happy with this one.

First time making daffodils.

I used royal icing for the flowers and stalks and the tall leaves that stand all around the sides of the cake.  I let all these components dry for a day or so before attaching them to the cake with more royal icing.

As for the cake itself?  I have no idea, though I suspect it was made up of alternating layers of chocolate and lemon.  The layers were covered with tinted fondant, and then all the daffodil pieces were "glued" on.

I like the whole 3-D effect, with the leaves sticking up much higher than the top of the cake. 

I don't think I've got "Happy Birthday" on there anywhere. 

Not that anyone cared about that part of it.

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