Or, as is typical of other males in this household, soaking up all the sympathy he can…


Fyi, for those of you keeping track of Scratchy's post-neuter recovery, I removed his collar last night.  He had come upstairs with his collar encrusted (yet again) with litterbox debris (yeah) and I decided I'd pretty much had enough of cleaning THAT stuff off it.  So I got scissors, snipped the gauze, and pulled the collar off.  I'll keep it around, just in case, but for now, he is free. 

And he was extremely grateful, I think.  He sat down in the very spot where I'd just removed the collar and began to groom himself enthusiastically.  For a good ten minutes.

3 thoughts on “Convalescing

  1. Oh honestly, chocolatechic, does he LOOK poor-guy-ish?

    Poor Jayne for having to clean kitty-poo from the collar day in day out, I say…


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