Gearing Up

I always plan to be ahead of the game when the holiday baking season is approaching.

Each year, after I've finally managed to ship out all the cookies to everyone far away and to hand out plates or platters to the people near by (have I missed anyone?  panic panic panic), I tell myself I need to get a master list together – of recipients and of ingredients – so I can really PLAN AHEAD the next year.  And then around the end of September, beginning of October, I remind myself of this – "I'd better get myself organized soon!" And then October disappears beneath birthdays and candy wrappers and then suddenly it's the second week of November and I haven't planned or organized a thing.

And my pantry is in, hmmm, how shall I say this…disarray (I'm being kind to myself) and the boxes and boxes of cookie cutters are buried under placemats and plastic containers, and some of the baking ingredients – which ordinarily reside all on their own shelf – have migrated out of necessity to the top shelf, where I keep things like canned tomatoes and pasta, because I put a big glass jar (Stinky's birth jar) on there and haven't put it back in the basement yet and it's taking up a lot of space. 

Well, the other day I suddenly felt, I don't know, GUNG HO about getting organized in there, and while I was at the grocery store going down the aisle where they have things like ironing board covers and moth balls and dangling air fresheners for your car, my gaze happened to fall upon one of those plastic over-the-door shoe organizers.


I could use one of those.

But not for my shoes.  I don't care about my shoes that much.  They're fine in a heap in the corner of my closet.

But my pantry…I bet I could use an over-the-door shoe organizer in there somehow.

So I bought one.  Clear plastic.  And when I got home, I set it up (only a little filing on top of the door was needed so the little bracket thingies could fit and still allow the door to close) and filled it with all my extracts and spices and colored sugars and chocolate and other decorative sugary things.

And here it is:IMG_1330

Exciting, isn't it????

It freed up a bunch of space on these little corner shelves Bill had made, and now I've filled them with boxes of pasta, which actually fills the shelves right to the top, which makes me happy.

I've still got more to do, but that was a nice start.

Julia thought so, too.








Naturally I look to her for approval in everything I do.

Now I just need to learn not to whip that door opened so vigorously.  

It's become dangerous. 

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  1. Very cool! I really don't know how it got to be the second week of November already… I should really start thinking about holiday baking, but that's probably going to have to wait until I'm off the week of Thanksgiving.

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