Here We Go

Well, the cookies are under way.  I've got a few doughs made and I'll be baking them off and making more doughs over the rest of the weekend. 

I've made 6 lbs (yes, six) of short dough, flavored with vanilla instead of lemon zest this time, and one batch of Pfeffernusse.  I'll also do the Springerle – five batches.  Not sure what'll be next, but I'll keep you posted.

So much to do!  But I love every bit of it, and, as usual, the baking and the month of December (once we get there) will go by much too quickly.

Anyway, that's what I'm up to at the moment.

In case you were wondering.

5 thoughts on “Here We Go

  1. How many freezers have you got?

    just wondering where you’re going to put all this stuff, so the kids don’t eat it all in go…:D

  2. I’ve got two – one with each fridge. But actually, some of the cookies don’t need to be frozen – they’re supposed to age for a few weeks, and I just store them in plastic containers in the dining room until it’s time to ship them out. The kids KNOW they’re not allowed to go through them. And I keep a selection of cookies separate for family consumption. It keeps them distracted from the other cookies. 🙂

  3. Sigh. I have one small freezer, that is full of meat and bread… mostly bread these days, coz I will keep making it. 😀

    So I have to have a mad baking session in the couple of days before Christmas and make it all in one go. Not that I mind, but it is a bit kernackering.

    And of course, I hadn’t realised that you were making for selling, I thought your lot just ate a lot of cookies… ROFLPIMP

  4. Actually, they’re not for selling. My lot is scattered all over the country – family and friends both – and I send out packages of cookies every year. My late mother-in-law baked and sent out 6 different kinds of German cookies every year, and I inherited that role in the family. And over the years, I’ve added different kinds of cookies – some to reflect my own mostly-English/Scottish heritage and some that I just like to make (like biscotti – can never have enough of them), and I’ve increased the number of people I send them too. It’s become a big production, and it gets bigger every year.

    And I love it.

    But now that you bring it up…we DO eat a lot of cookies.

  5. Love the new snowflake cookies..

    who said there was no blue food?? Bah!


    (and so good on you for doing the cookie run, it must be really something to look forward to by all the family)

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