On Thanksgiving Eve…


Scratchy is fascinated by the other little creatures that inhabit this household.  Cricket-Catcher, the Evil Lizard With the Bone-Crushing Jaws, lives in the tank to the left.  His winter meals – store-boughten crickets – scurry around in the little container in the middle, where they are dine on little orange cubes of nutritionally complete Cricket Food and remain properly hydrated by slurping on this bright blue stuff that looks like raspberry gelatin caviar.  And finally, there is the newest member of the clan – Bluey, the Betta.  He swims and fashions bubble houses in the little fish-shaped tank, and the little fish-shaped tank is inside the larger tank so the cats can't mess with him. 

We didn't think that Scratchy might use the mesh cover as a futon.

Most of the time he creeps up the stairs, picks his way onto the lower table where Cricket-Catcher is, and then either watches the lizard, or moves over a bit and watches the crickets.  Most exciting of all, for Scratchy, is if there is a cricket wandering around inside the lizard tank.  Kind of like watching his own episodes of "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom."

We think he's stressing the lizard.  Cricket-Catcher isn't used to being the smaller creature.  Before the kittens took notice of him, he lived in a world where he was king.  He terrified his tank-mate until the poor thing died.  And he snacks on worms and crickets bigger than some of the fish in our other tank.

Now, however, the tide has turned, and life ain't so pretty now.

Unless your name is Scratchy.


And in that case, life's pretty good.

May yours be just as good!  Happy Thanksgiving!

One thought on “On Thanksgiving Eve…

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Jayne!

    Obviously, we don’t have Thanksgiving over here (our Celtic natives didn’t help us grow things, they just made us paint ourselves blue…)but I can still be thankful for things.

    Like this blog, which I love and look at everytime you post. So thank you, I love the kits, I love the children, and I love your writing. (I would say I love you, but that’s taking it a bit far… I am British after all, stiff upper lip and all that… 🙂

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