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Savory Rugelach – I’m In!


I am not alone.  Apparently – and not surprisingly – I'm not the only one who decided that if sweet rugelach is yummy, savory rugelach would probably be pretty tasty, too.  Holly at Phe/MOM/enon and Clara at I*heart*Food4Thought have been thinking along the same lines, just to name a couple.

We made Rugelach for last week's Tuesdays with Dorie recipe, and ever since that batch disappeared I've been wanting to make more.  So yesterday, while my husband mulched the gardens in preparation for winter, and Julia played in the dirt, I made rugelach.

Four kinds, actually.  Two sweet; two savory.  I used the same cream cheese dough recipe we used for last week's batch – you can find that here if you don't have the book.  And as far as all the different fillings – I didn't measure, really.  I just eyeballed all of it. 

For the sweet –

Batch #1 – I used orange marmalade, dried cranberries, and some sliced almonds chopped up and mixed with a sprinkling of cinnamon.  These are my favorites, and I'll probably make a ton of these to serve/give away in December.

Batch #2 – These were inspired by Alex, my little PB&J man.  I used strawberry jam, chunky peanutbutter, and dried cranberries.  They now have the Alex stamp of approval.

And then the savory –

Batch #1 – Pesto and goat cheese and ham. 


Batch #2 – Pesto and goat cheese and shrimp.


(sorry – had to use a flash – it was dark out by this point)

They smelled INCREDIBLY good while they were baking, let me just share that with you.  If I could, I'd share some of these rugelach instead, but they're all gone.

Alex loved the ones with ham.  I think he could have eaten all 16 if we'd let him get away with it. 


I lost count of how many Bill had.  He, too, could have eaten more than  his fair share, if given the opportunity.


I liked them, too.  Last night I liked the ham version better, but today, when I did my photo shoot of the remaining 4 (which I hid in the fridge last night so no one could snitch them) (I wanted to photograph them in better light than that poor wedge above), and then ate them all, one by one (you know, for the interior view pictures) I liked the shrimp version better. 


But what I really like the best is the fact that the possibilities, as they say, are endless. 

Wonder what I'll be in the mood to try next….


8 thoughts on “Savory Rugelach – I’m In!

  1. Yours looks WAY better than mine! My problem is overfilling. Its a very bad habit I have. I totally wanna try that pesto and shrimp one now. YUM!
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  2. Oh, I'm so old-fashioned. I made cream cheese rugelach, filled with hazelnuts-walnuts-cocoa powder. But they were still delicious 🙂

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