The Coffee is Brewing

I've been up since just before 4:00 this morning.  I was up early yesterday, too, though not as early as this.  Yesterday it was only 5:21.  Slacker. 

This morning it was sort of Julia-related.  She had come into our bed around 3-ish (I only looked at the digital display with one eye, so I didn't see the rest of the numbers, ha, ha.  Yeah.)  Anyway, I vaguely remember that Julia was tearful about something when she climbed up onto my side of the bed and promptly fell asleep between me and one of the cats and Bill.  I don't know what she was upset about, and she didn't say.  She just curled her little pajama-clad body up, cat-like, and all was right again in her world.  I fell back to sleep soon after, but then somewhere near 4:00, she woke me up.

That's the danger of allowing children to sleep in the bed.  The stray arm or leg that will fling itself wildly in any direction – usually in the direction of the bridge of my nose.  That, or the silent territorial dispute that occurs between feline and small human.  Blur had already staked out her usual spot, upstage center, snuggled between the pillows.  (Sometimes, lately, she will take over my whole pillow, and I have to gently remind her that, elder citizen though she may be, the bed, the covers, AND MY PILLOW, are not her property.)  When Julia joined the little group, she unwittingly intruded on Blur's territory.  I moved the cat initially, but she will creep right back again as soon as possible. 

Anyway, I guess Blur had had enough of Julia's wiggling and flailing, and so just before 4 this morning, she must have pushed back.  Just a bit.  Blur is extremely polite and gentle MOST of the time.  Her patience has really been pushed to the limit since we got the kittens, though, as they just don't GET that she doesn't want to play with them.  So maybe some of that impatience is carrying over toward the human children, too. 

Whatever the cause, Julia yelled out "OW!" and sort of whimpered.  That was it.  But I was awake.  And she wasn't.  She shifted around a bit, made a grumbly noise when she bumpted into Blur again (who was NOT moving), and then rolled onto her side and started to grind her teeth.

Ah, such a lovely sound, the grinding of the teeth. 

I was very definitely awake at that point.  I gave up the futile thought that maybe she'd only grind them once or twice and then (hahahahahaha) stop, and I rolled out of bed, picked up her completely floppy little slumbering body and brought her back to her own bed.  I also noticed that her sheet and blankets were all on the floor, so I'm thinking either she rolled around so much that they just slid off the bed, or, she fell out of bed in one big fabric-wrapped bundle.  That would account for the whimpering when she showed up at my bedside.

I dumped her on the bed (just kidding), covered her up again, and…well…was AWAKE. 

So I came downstairs, turned the heat down more (it's on some weird cycling thing where it only heats the bedrooms in the middle of the night, so though they're chilly during the day, they're like the Sahara while you're sleeping.  Even though I don't set the thermostat high at all.  Mmmm, nice, dry, hot, eyeball-dehydrating heat.

And then I brought my laptop and a big glass of icewater down to the basement, turned on PBS and watched "America's Test Kitchen" and then "Lidia's Italy" while I checked email and Google reader and other stuff.

And now I'm here.  In the living room, by the big front window, wrapped in a blanket and my husband's big flannel jacket.  Laptop on my knees, which are propped up by a pillow.  As I snuggled into position here, everyone else asleep, no sound but the random little house noises and the clicking of my fingers on the keypad, I whispered to myself "This is awesome!"  I'm so glad I got up when I did. 

The coffee pot has just chimed to let me know my beverage is ready, and so, for now, that is all.

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  1. Although my kids are in their early 20s now this has always been referred to as “Momamma time”, I don’t know when it started as early as 4:45 like it does now. But I can’t do without it, my body clock goes off at least 2 hours before anyone else in the house. And I’m grumpy if I don’t get it. I like to be well awake before the action of everyone else begins. I don’t think my family has ever seen me NOT fully awake, ‘bright eyed and bushy tailed.’ I’m ready for ’em! Be careful… it’s very addictive.

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