“Your shining autumn ocean crashing”

Last night, after dinner, after dishes, but before bedtime, we were all downstairs just hanging out. 

Sponge Bob was bleating creepily on the TV.  Alex was half watching.

Bill unzipped a guitar case and called Julia over.

He started playing "Silver Springs" and singing quietly to her, nodding. 

Julia started to chime in.  It's her favorite song lately.  She still has some lyrics to sort out, but I kind of like her version.

"You could be my sil-the-spring,

Blue green commas fashing

I would be a oh the dream

Your shinging autumn ocean crash-ih-ih-ih-ing…"

I found a clip of the live version from Fleetwood Mac's tour in 1997.  Interestingly, that's the same year Bill and I met.  Significant?  Probably not.  But still.  Interesing.

Anyway, when I first played this for Julia, she gasped, wide-eyed, when she realized what it was.  She hugged me tightly, and then she just sat and watched.

So back to last night.

Bill played, and Julia started to sing, but then she suddenly stopped and ran upstairs.

When she came back down, she was holding this:


And then, microphone in hand, she was ready to sing.

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  1. This is too adorable. I forwarded to my friend who is a huge Stevie Nicks fan, I'm sure she will greatly approve of your parenting skills!

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