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A Pinch of This, A Smidgen of That

Well, I'd hoped to get all my cookie posts done before Christmas day, but that's not gonna happen.  I'll finish them up after the holiday, when everyone is so sick of Christmas cookies their eyes will glaze over at the sight.

But I did want to share this shot with you all…


That's not all the cookies, but it's all the varieties I made.  There are more cookies in containers off to the side, out of the frame.  Like more of the zillion lebkuchen, for instance.  And I'd also But this is what it looked like when I was putting together most of the cookie trays/plates for most of the people I give them to.

And, in case you're curious, or horrified, here's a list of what everything is.  If I've posted the recipe already, I've provided links.  Ready?


  1. Springerle (different designs in each box) – 117 cookies plus the one big one.
  2. Salt and Pepper Cocoa Shortbread Scotties (Dorie Greenspan) - not sure how many.  Double the recipe in the book.
  3. Lime Thumbprints (Martha Stewart) – 142 cookies plus a tart with the leftover filling.  Yum.
  4. Snowballs/Mexican Wedding Cookies/Butterballs whatever they're called.  148 cookies.
  5. Shortbread rounds.  24 large, 22 small.
  6. Candycane meringues drizzled with chocolate.  At least 4 dozen.
  7. German butter cookies in assorted shapes and sizes.  220 of 'em.
  8. Farmer Hats – yay! – About 40 of them.
  9. Pecan bites.  Maybe 300?  Plus some without the crust.
  10. Macademia coconut ginger biscotti dipped in chocolate.  About 6 dozen small.
  11. Citrus biscotti, some plain, some drizzled with chocolate. About 6 dozen small.
  12. Cranberry orange walnut biscotti.  About 6 dozen small.
  13. Lebkuchen.  46 large, 284 small.  Egad.
  14. Almond Stars Moons – about 3 dozen.
  15. Pfeffernusse – over a hundred.
  16. Dorie Greenspan's Buttery Jam Cookies – 4-5 dozen.
  17. Dorie Greenspan's Chocolate Roll-out Cookies (no idea – doubled the recipe) and Short dough cookies for decorating.  (Tons of them).


And now I'll leave you with a few images of peace and joy…







Tidings of cookies comfort and joy to you all.



12 thoughts on “A Pinch of This, A Smidgen of That

  1. Wow that is some site of cookies. I sure wish I could have all that time to do all that baking – and then enough friends and family to send them all out to! Great job.

  2. Do you have a gigantic freezer? That spread of cookies looks beautiful. You worked so hard. Lucky friends and family!

  3. The cookies are incredible and, I know, delicious. Betty was so glad to receive your treat and thanks you so much. It’s a masterpiece of great work. mhyg

  4. u ve some amazin baking skills !!!! wow!!! all i’d like to knw is where n how do u store ur cookies?….

    i’d b first in line if u decide to open up ur own lil cookie store!!!! i wudn b surprised n i’d move in with u….:)

    merry christmas!

    p.s: do all of the above cookies keep well wen frozen?

  5. sarah,

    I store my cookies in all those plastic containers you see sitting on my table – I basically make them in a mad rush in the few weeks right before Christmas, and I make the ones that keep longest first (springerle, pfeffernusse, biscotti, lebkuchen) and kind of work my way from there. I can’t say that they all would keep well frozen because I just don’t freeze them myself. However, I’d figure most of them would be fine, with the exception of the Almond stars and the candy cane meringues. Somehow I don’t think they’d do well in the freezer. But I could be wrong. If anyone out there would like to correct me, feel free!

    Hope that helps!

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