An Unanswered Question and the Mystery of The Missing Comment

I should just have left things the way they were. 

I was (moments ago) doing little maintenance things around the website, typing up another printable recipe (for the Short Dough used here and, last year, here.  And in my travels, I discovered that I had posted this year's Short Dough post twice.  (I think I did that this morning trying to get this month's banner to HURRY UP AND SHOW UP!!!!  MAYBE IF I JUST PUBLISH SOMETHING RANDOMLY, IT'LL SHOW UP!  THAT'S WHAT I'LL DO!)  (Impatience is not always a good thing.)

Anyway, I saw that there were two posts of the same name, and so, before anyone could notice and point and laugh about it, I deleted the most recently published one.

A bit later, I was checking my email, and discovered that Lynne had left me a comment about the new banner:

"This month's header bar piccy is nice and easy.. but I still can't find last month's chocolate.

So you had better spill the beans now."

!!!  She was right!  I still hadn't posted that recipe yet!!  Immediately, I clicked on the link (in my email) to the post she'd made this comment in (bad grammer, sorry) – it was the recent Short Dough – Big Snowflakes etc. post.  But when I clicked on it, I got a "sorry, the page you want no longer exists" message.

Oops.  Sorry, Lynne!!

But, to answer your extremely valid question, the chocolate from last month's banner – here it is, in case you don't remember it or haven't seen it – was from the making of my sister's birthday cake.


Her birthday?  Halloween.  Yeah, I know.  It needs to be posted.  Yesterday.  Or, rather, yesterday last month.

By the way, it's not just chocolate.  It's chocolate drizzled into cheesecake batter. 

I know.  Yesterday last month.

4 thoughts on “An Unanswered Question and the Mystery of The Missing Comment

  1. Oh Yummy! Chocolate! Cheesecake! Halloween!


    (stick a little tree on the pic in photoshop and we can pretend it is supposed to be Christmas)

  2. Didya post it yet? Didya? Didya?

    Cos I want to make a Halloween/chocolate/cheesecake for Christmas…

    so if you happen to post it back then <<<<< could you put a link on here ^^^^ plz ? (and no... 6 kgs of cookies and counting isn't any sort of excuse in my book. Get your cookie hat off and your cheesecake mitts on.)

  3. GAAAAAAAAA! Not yet, but I will, and when I do, you’ll be the FIRST to know, because I’ll email you the link IMMEDIATELY.


    Oh, and it’s actually a Raspberry Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake. Hope that’s acceptable.

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