And It’s No Use Crying Over It

Do not walk too closely behind a 6-year-old boy while carrying a bowl of cereal and milk.

6-year-old boys are unpredictable and will sometimes whip around, flailing an arm or other appendage.

This could result in said bowl of cereal being whacked from your hands, flung into the air, and flipped over perfectly onto the table. 

The cereal will remain hidden from view, but the milk will leak out in a multitude of white streams and rivulets which will make their way to the edge of the table and pour down the tablecloth to the floor.

The little flailing boy will laugh.  So should you.

And when you lift the upturned bowl to reveal the pile of Golden Grahams, the little boy will say "I'm not eating that!" as if it's oh, assorted insect larvae, you will say "Oh yes, you will!" and you will scoop the cereal back into the bowl, add more milk, and plunk it down in front of him with a look that just dares him to object.

And then you will have to clean up all the spilt milk.

That's what will happen, should such a thing happen to you.

Hypothetically, of course.

3 thoughts on “And It’s No Use Crying Over It

  1. Oddly almost exactly the same thing can happen to a full Scrabble rack whilst sitting on a sofa next to an English professor.

    When this happens, it is also the correct form to laugh. And then move the wine.

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