And More Snow


I took these last night around quarter to eight.




And then the remaining pictures were taken this morning – before I shoveled.  And shoveled.


An early glimpse out my kitchen window…


And in the driveway – that's my car under there.


Snow on the back steps…




Here's some snow clinging to the side of the truck… 


The basketball net looked really cool.  Here's a closer look.


And here's the look back, from inside the garage.  Right before I get out the shovel.


It took me, I don't know, a couple hours or so to shovel the driveway (most of it), the front walkway from our door to the street and the little side part that goes from in front of the steps to the driveway…and a path from the back door to the deck, the gate into the back yard, and to the garage.  The kids – especially Alex, my hardworking little man - tried to help shovel, but it was too deep for them to really shovel effectively.  So they ended up making snow angels.  It's light, powdery stuff – no good for snowmen or snowball fights, alas.  And there was a layer of slush on the bottom, which made shoveling harder, as the slush would stick to the shovel. 

And then – the dramatic moment – I was nearly at the end of the driveway.  I took a brief look back to see how far I'd come, and how much I'd done so far (it's encouraging) and when I looked back at the pile of snow in front of me, my right lense from my glasses popped out.  I'd shot my eye out!  Just kidding.  I thank whatever powers were looking out for me that the lens dropped onto the part of the driveway I'd already shoveled, and not into the snow.  It would have been hell trying to find it in all that powdery stuff.

Anyway, swearing and wailing inwardly, I stomped inside, peeled off all my outer gear so I wouldn't drip all over the place, and searched til I found the little eyeglass repair kit I'd bought a while back.  THANK GOODNESS I'D BOUGHT IT BACK WHENEVER THAT WAS!!!!!  I put the lens back in, found a screw that fit nicely, screwed it in and went back to work. 

Exciting, wasn't it? 

When I was finally DONE, Bill – who just had knee surgery, otherwise he'd have been the one out there instead of me – offered hot cocoa when I came inside, and soon I was in warm clothes, sipping cocoa and crunching on biscotti that my sister-in-law, Nina, sent.  Thank you, Nina!!

And that's my thrilling story of snow.   

3 thoughts on “And More Snow

  1. Your snow pictures are making me homesick! I am hoping when I go to my parents for Christmas in PA that there will be snow…I miss it! It has been years since I have seen it. Living in the south is nice, but snow really puts you in the Christmas spirit!

  2. You did a great job shoveling all of that. Loved the picture of the basketball hoop. In one way, it looked like a hat sitting on top. Hope your back and muscles are not too painful. So glad you found that lens, too. mhyg

  3. A-Maze-zing. We never get snow like that in Southern England any more it seems. They do in Scotland, but not down here in the soft south.

    and I was so very impressed about your opthalmic skills. Clever you.

    And then….

    I didn’t believe it so I went back and read it again.

    You have been baking cookies since I don’t know when. You could fill a cookie lorry all by yourself, and supply the inhabitants of a small African country. All by yourself. You must be sick of the very sight of a cookie.

    And your sister-in-law sends you biscotti? Does she have a death wish or something?


    I’m sure they were delicious and very welcome. 🙂

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