Baking and Twittering

Okay, I've just signed up with twitter – my updates will be over there on the right, near the top.  That's the plan for now, anyway.  I'll see how it goes.

And second – hold onto your hats, people – I'm planning to pull an all-night cooking-baking marathon.  Tonight. 

And as I go, I will comment and update things on twitter.  (Which is why I went to the trouble of setting it up in the first place.)

And as I look ahead, I can't help but think of the Dick Van Dyke show when he did that radio marathon and then had to go to his job interview with Alan Brady on no sleep.  My hero.

So anyway, that's the scoop.  Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “Baking and Twittering

  1. I’m now following you, but promise you won’t get paranoid 😀

    p.s. lovely feet btw…I think you must have stepped in the November chocolate.

  2. WHAT??? You are cuckoo!! I have a cookie swap to go to on Saturday, and I am already feeling anxious!! Hmmm…. maybe I should hire you….

  3. Hi Jayne, you don’t seem to be following any of the people who are following you, which means you won’t see any of our comments to your tweets, and will think we are ignoring you!

    Right now, you can get to see what we are saying by hitting @Replies (on the right hand side of your home page) and then you can decide which of us you want to follow (if any LOL).

    Once you are following us, our comments will show up on your home page, and we can drive each other mad with snide and clever 140 character tweets….

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