4 thoughts on “Peace on Earth – or at Least in the Living Room

  1. Not only do they look ok, (Blur only juuuuusssst ok, but ok nevertheless) do you think (from the positioning of the cow/donkey/cuddly toy) that Softie was there first??? and Blur actually came up and sat next to her?

    (p.s. spelling factoid… I wrote catually instead of actually, and nearly left it. Do you think it might be acceptable in the next dictionary update?)

  2. Catually (I think the word fits perfectly), I tend to think Blur was there first, sleeping, and then Softie joined her, and then Julia dropped by and dropped off the little horse (it’s a horse)because she thought the cats would want a little stuffed animal to snuggle with and then went on her merry little way and THEN Alex showed up and saw the tableau and summoned Mommy-plus-a-camera.

    That’s my theory, anyway.

    And you’re right. Blur is only just okay. She left not too long after I took the pictures.

  3. I like how Blur is trying to avoid even looking at Softie. She’s clearly hoping that if she just ignores her, that Softie won’t really be there.

    Our two cats are both three years old (according to the Humane Society, but who knows?), and Edith is clearly under the impression that Nancy is a deluxe toy just for her amusement. The advertising tag line would be “It runs! It squeaks! It never fights back!”

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