Softie’s Sleeping Spot


It's actually a plant stand that Bill's mom had in one of the bedrooms of her house.  We tried using at as a plant stand here, but it was too easily accessed by Blur, and she'd eat the plants in it.


Last year I used the top part for storing the kids' school/daycare projects – it became basically a big junk heap of stuff I eventually had to sort through and put somewhere else.  I used the bottom shelf for bins for everyone's shoes and boots.


This year, about a month ago, I decided I didn't want to keep cramming papers in the top – it looked awful and I'm really trying to keep all that stuff OUT of the kitchen, at least most of it.  so I'm using the top for hats and scarves and mittens, with the bottom still used for bins of shoes.


Alex's things are at the left end of the bin, Bill's and mine are in the middle, and Julia's are at the right end.


Around a week ago, Softie discovered that Julia's winter hats made a nice little bed.


She doesn't seem to fit particularly well, at least to my silly human eyes, but what do I know?


Not much.


But that's okay.  Julia understands.


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