Splashes of Color

Earlier this week I was talking to my Mom on the phone, and somehow we got on the subject of birds, and which ones had been showing up in our yards lately.  Now, the back of my parents' yard is up against protected land, which is wooded, and so they get LOTS of birds on their feeders.  They also have a LOT of feeders, offering every kind of seed imaginable.  They get lots of woodpeckers and gorgeous goldfinches, besides all the sparrows and finches and blue jays and starlings and so forth.  Mom asked if I'd had any cardinals, and I hadn't, yet.  Neither had she, which is odd, considering the location and the menu available.

And then, later that day, I looked out my kitchen window and saw him:



And after he left, she stopped by briefly.




I don't expect to see any birds in my yard today – it's far too windy.  The seed won't stay put, and the birds would just get blown off the feeders anyway.  The rain and (I hope) the crazy wind are supposed to end at some point today.  Right now I'm sitting at my living room window…the trees are bending crazily in the gale, and, mysteriously, the Christmas lights that dangle from our roof and are timed to come on at night have just come on.  Weird.  I can hear fire engine sirens wailing in the distance.  I hope people are okay.

3 thoughts on “Splashes of Color

  1. I remember the very first time I saw a cardinal on the roof of a friend’s house on Long Island – we never get them over here, so it was really very interesting.

    And a chickadee! What a great name…

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