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TWD – A Poem With the Cookies

It is right before Christmas

And all through my home

There are dozens of cookies.

And I made up this poem….

I’d been baking and baking

And baking and baking

(I know I’m repeating)

My feet – they were aching.


It was time to bake cookies

For Tuesdays with Dorie

(And right now we’re at

The main part of my story.)

I’d measured out flour

And sugar and – yes – butter

And tho’ I was weary

I continued to putter.


I spooned out some ginger

And lovely peach jam

Then thought – "Gonna take

A quick nap – that I am!"

I flopped on the couch

And drew up a blanket

And Scratchy, so playful,

Proceeded to yank it.


I drifted off quickly

For how long, I knew not,

When awakened I was

By the clang of a pot.

No – ‘twas more like a mixing bowl

Struck by a whisk.

But how? I’m in here –

Don’t be silly! Tsk, tsk!

Then I heard it again

There was something awry

So I got to my feet

Quite determined to spy.


I peered in the kitchen

And what did I see?

Not a cat, as I’d thought,

But a baking fairy!


She paid me no mind

If she’d heard me at all

From her perch on a chair

(For she wasn’t so tall.)


She combined my ingredients


In the bowl of the mixer


Then turned on the oven –


That cute little trickster.


She spooned out the dough

Onto parchment-lined pans.

So baking them, too,

Was a part of her plans!


Now into the oven

The sheet pans were slid

And you know, cookie baking

Was not all she did.

She washed all the dishes

And put them away,

And cleaned my house – spotless! –

In less than a day.

When the cookies were finished

So was the sprite

She’d done so much for me

In my pre-Christmas plight.


She turned once to view me

And gave a quick wink

And then she was gone –

In a flutter of pink.


And I heard her advise

Like she thought me a rookie –

"Happy Tuesdays with Dorie!

Now, go have a cookie!"



Thanks to Heather of Randomosity and the Girl for choosing this week's recipe.  You can find the recipe on her site or in Dorie Greenspan's Baking:  From My Home to Yours.  To see how all the other TWD poets-of-the-kitchen did this week, go here.

12 thoughts on “TWD – A Poem With the Cookies

  1. Oh my goodnes this is toooo cute….I wish that fairy would show up at my house and work her magic…cookies and cleaning….oh my…

  2. Your little fairy is very cute and your poem is creative and fun. I hope you enjoyed those cookies after all the work your kitchen fairy did for you! 🙂

  3. loveing your lil fairy helper n cookies…. im not much of a cookie baking person but following your blog each day has totally good me on to making some cookies and god i wanna try em all!!!!! so can u tell me which ones to start from and which ones keep well in a freezer before and after baking!!! pls!!!! wud reli appreciate ur help!!!!!

  4. this is beautiful! and it’s a children’s book…you need to think about publishing this (and your story about the color dots, too).

  5. Hi Sarah,

    Well, not sure what kinds of cookies you like to eat, but as far as where to start? Biscotti are actually really easy to make, so any of them. Butter cookies or short dough are good, basic recipes to master, because then you can get creative with them by adding different flavors, decorating them, and so on. Lebkuchen are pretty foolproof as well – don’t be put off by the long list of ingredients. All of these freeze well, too. Short dough freezes well before and after. If it’s before, you can roll the dough into a log, wrap well, and freeze. Then you can just slice and bake them when you want some cookies.

    There are also a lot of really good baking or cookie books out there. Martha Stewart and Maida Haetter are two authors who come to mind, besides Dorie Greenspan.

    Good luck!

  6. Oh my gracious! These are the most charming and lovely pictures I’ve seen all day! That’s some serious cookie baking! Thanks for brightening my day with your cookies and poem!

  7. I saw this on I loved the story telling along with the recipe. It’s wonderful seeing kids encouraged to be a part of the kitchen and passing along cooking/recipe traditions. I agree with the others…it definitely should be published. It would make a wonderful children’s cookbook.

  8. I had to look this up again because it just makes me smile! Remembering the good times and the things we have been blessed with is to me part of honoring the Christmas season. Many blessings on your (much grown up) family this year.

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