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TWD – Linzer Sables


Next time, I'll double the recipe.

This week's recipe, Linzer Sables, was chosen by noskos of Living the Life, and can be found on pages 134-136 of Dorie Greenspan's Baking:  From My Home to Yours.

Since I'm in my usual December cookie-baking frenzy, these were no trouble to slide into my schedule.  I had everything required, except for the raspberry jam.  I had boysenberry, though, and I figured that would do the job.



The dough went together quickly and easily, and then I rolled it out between pieces of plastic wrap, as instructed, and kept the two discs (or free-form shapes) cold and flat on a cookie sheet in the fridge.


A couple hours later – time to cut out my cookies.



I baked them, let them cool, cooked the jam and water, cooled that, and assembled my little sandwiches.


And then I dusted them – okay, blizzarded them – with confectioner's sugar.


And the general consensus here?  They were quite tasty.


To check out the other TWD members' linzer sables, head on over to the TWD site and start visiting all those links!

And me?  I've got more cookies to work on!  Fa-la-la-la-la!

21 thoughts on “TWD – Linzer Sables

  1. Yours look so pretty.

    I tried dusting mine with powdered sugar for the pictures, but I got dusting happy, and you really couldn’t see the cookie.

    oopsie poopsie.

  2. Hi, Jayne.

    I love your blizzarding of the linzer cookies! I will probably end up doing the same when I finally put my linzer cookie cutters to use. Quick question for you, though, do you know how these cookies stand up to mailing? I’m considering shipping some as part of a Christmas cookie package this year, and I want to know how they keep.

    ** Pamela M

  3. Hehe – blizzarded cookies πŸ™‚ And that first sentence – I’m totally with you. I cut it in thirds, and that was a big mistake. Big.

  4. Hi Pamela M,

    It’s funny you ask that – I’m thinking of sending some out as part of my holiday cookie packages, too. I’ve never shipped them before, but I would imagine they don’t hold up as long as drier cookies, like biscotti, or pfeffernusse. I’m planning (so far) to bake these and a few other softer cookies very close to the date I ship everything, and just keep my fingers crossed that they keep okay. I think the worst that will happen is that the powdered sugar will get damp and seep into the cookie as time goes on. But that’s not a tragedy.

    I’d say go for it, and just wrap them well. People eat cookies pretty fast anyway, especially the ones baked by someone else, so once they arrive, they’ll probably disappear very quickly!

    Hope that helps – I know it’s long and rambling. I tend to be that way. πŸ™‚

  5. Okay, for some reason, my original answer to your question disappeared.

    I don’t know how they’ll hold up, but I’m planning to make some and ship them as well. I figure I’ll make them close to my “ship date” and wrap them well so they don’t dry out and don’t soften the dry cookies (like biscotti and pfeffernusse) that I send as well. I’m figuring they’ll be okay, and I know they’ll be eaten quickly once they arrive at their various destinations.

    Hope that helps!

  6. My comment has absolutely nothing to do with your beautiful cookies – just the matter of the B* cocktails I drank at your house the other night (notice that I could not type out the word, because even saying that word gives me chills). I think Bill should throw away the bottle of B* because I’m pretty sure it was poison – or at least my body acted like it was. And in the future, when Joe and I come to your house and I accept your offer for an alcholic beverage, “forget” to put the B* in because I’m not mature enough to know when to stop. =) It was an ugly, ugly evening (mostly for Joe, I don’t remember a thing). Ha ha. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

  7. i’m doubling the recipe next time, too!! yours look adorable, and you actually got a decent # of cookies (i only got 14 with my 3″ cutter. definitely need to double!)

  8. Oh nooooooooo! And, um, I don’t think it was JUST the B* cocktails…I think it was them PLUS a couple other beverages. But then, maybe you don’t remember them…. Still – it was a celebratory evening, right? Hope you (eventually) had a nice Thanksgiving, too!

  9. I see I’m not the only one that thought these cookies went well with a nice hot beverage – although my drink of choice was hot chocolate πŸ™‚

    Very pretty, great work!

  10. “And the general consensus here? They were quite tasty.”

    are your lot just blase?
    Or are you being damned with faint praise?

    So are they are just “quite” tasty, or are they pretty damn good?

  11. They were actually “quite” damn good.

    Are my lot blase? No, that was intentional understatement. Why are you picking on me? I still haven’t posted that cheesecake – and if you’re not properly respectful, I NEVER WILL! BWAHAHAHAHAHA.


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