Well, So Much for That

My mistake?  I sat down and had dinner with my husband.

He had been teaching and then met with another guitarist to run through some pieces they'll be playing together this month. 

When he got home, I was in mid-lebkuchen production, and I offered to fix him something to eat.  And I realized I hadn't had dinner either.

So I fixed us a plate of nachos with the previous night's taco leftovers and we sat downstairs, watching Andrew Zimmern and eating nachos.

And it was kind of nice to sit.

And then, we watched "House."  Still sitting.  And that was the end of my baking for the night.

Which, as it turned out, may have been for the best, because Julia, for the first time in, oh, a century, slept through the night.  So if I'd been awake all night, baking, I"d have missed out on sleeping through that myself.

So here we are, a new day.  Bill's heading to work soon, and then it'll be time to get the kids going. 

 And then?  It'll be back to the kitchen for me.

3 thoughts on “Well, So Much for That

  1. Cookies create memories, especially homemade cookies. I think back when I used to stay home with the kids and bake a dozen different kinds of cookies. I miss those days… they were hard, but well worth it in the long run. My father-in-law misses those days too. I think they brought back memories for him.

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