Action Shots

One night I was lying awake, trying to fall asleep, and listening to the occasional random noises from the house.  The clicking of the baseboard heater…Alex or Julia snoring softly in their bedroom…and then, from downstairs…some other sound.

A sort of scraping sound, though for a time I couldn't figure out what was scraping or why.

At last, it dawned on me what was going on. 


Scratchy was pushing the water dish around the floor with his head.

I don't know why.  There was plenty of water, not only in the reservoir but also in the dish part. 


But now he does it often.  Not always, but often enough. 

Softie is watching, and following him around, probably wondering what the heck her brother's problem is.


And all the while, Pinky the Flattened Elephant hovers on the sidelines.

One thought on “Action Shots

  1. I know that stuff (Scratchy stuff). When mine were younger I would wake to a wet floor and I used a pad for the waterer. They like to hear the blub blub and think they can catch who/what is doing it. Poor kitties have cabin fever. 🙂

    This weekend mine shredded paper to tiny little pieces. Kitty development is sooo fascinating. 🙂

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